Family Tent

This spacious and serene family tent combines the beauty and pristineness of its surroundings with modern amenities and tastefully designed interiors to ensure your stay is memorable. The tent features two bedrooms, one with a king-sized bed (for the parents) and the other with twin or double beds that accommodate three kids.

Single Room

Experience tranquility and comfort in our elegant single rooms. Unwind in a cozy bed while the soothing sounds of Talek and the symphony of bird songs lull you into a restful sleep. Each room is thoughtfully designed with modern amenities and tasteful decor, offering a serene retreat that leaves you refreshed and inspired.

Double Room

Fall asleep to the soothing trickle of Talek and the melodic chirping of birds in one of our modern, undeniably gorgeous double rooms. Depending on our guest’s needs, these rooms either feature a twin or double bed.

Twin Room

Enjoy the comfort of our twin rooms, where you and your companion each have your own cozy bed. Listen to the peaceful sounds of the Talek River and nature outside your window as you drift off to sleep. Our rooms are designed to be both comfortable and welcoming, offering a relaxing stay for you and your travel partner.

Triple Room

There is luxury accommodation, and then there is our triple rooms. Now, these are what you call luxurious, from the coziness of the beds to the views of Talek and the sophistication of the bathrooms.